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The following techniques can be provided in each massage in the way that best helps you as an individual.

Myofascial Release

A soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. This therapy has the ability to relax contracted muscles, can improve blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulates stretch reflex in the muscle tissue. Myofascial release can generally be a gentle therapy and can be used on clients who have or are known to be very sensitive to the deeper modalities of massage; such as fibromyalgia and MS clients.

Swedish Massage

A traditional massage with long flowing strokes that warms the muscle tissue, increases circulation, and releases stress by restoring the body's balance.

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy

A therapeutic massage approach that addresses deeper layers of the muscle to relax, lengthen, and release holding patterns. Appropriate for chronic pain and injury recovery. Not recommended for first time massage clients.

Facial and Scalp Massage

A stimulating and de-stressing facial and scalp massage with your choice of Young Living oils or an unscented experience.

Hot Stone Massage

Oils used in combination with smooth stones to balance, soothe, and invigorate the body.(*This massage is NOT available to those who have High Blood Pressure/Hypertension, Pregnancy, Diabetes, Inflamed Skin Conditions, Open wounds or sores.*)


The use of cups or jars placed on the skin creating suction to facilitate circulation and healing with blood flow. This technique, if used correctly, can play a huge part in the healing process for nerve pain related injuries and people suffering from nerve pain disorders. 

Basic Pricing

30 Minute      $45
60 Minute      $75
90 Minute      $105
120 Minute    $150

By appointment only. 262.290.7666

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Marillian Massage

Package Terms and Conditions

If you wish to make a massage deep tissue, you must pay an extra $10 per massage.You are responsible to pay for any time extending one hour.
There will be 2 copies of your package, one will be given to you so you can keep track of massages used, and one Marillian Massage will keep.
You may let others use your package but Marillian Massage must get your consent before hand. You or the person you have given consent to will sign Marillian Massage's copy.
More than one name can be put on your package, additional names can be written on the back of Marillian Massage's copy (there would be no consent needed for those people).
No coupons or specials can be used with this package.
No refunds will be given, no exceptions.
Cannot be redeemed after expiration date, which is one year from date purchased.
You can redeem if Marillian Massage ever moves to a new location.
If any of the terms and conditions are unclear please contact Marillian Massage


New Client Special                     $55

Punch Cards   ​($20 off your 6th massage)



5 30 Minute Massages                $200
         savings = $25.00

10 30 Minute Massages              $395
         savings = $55.00
5 60 Minute Massages                $330
         savings = $45.00
10 60 Minute Massages             $650
         savings = $100.00
5 90 Minute Massages               $485
         savings = $45.00
10 90 Minute Massages             $1000
         savings = $50.00